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Classification of Power Management ICs and Inventory of Global IC Manufacturers
In all electronic devices and products, there is no shortage of power management ICs. With the rapid development of digital high-speed IC technology and chip manufacturing process technology, the role of high-performance power ICs to "help out" becomes more and more important. The ever-changing application of electronic products and the rise of environmental protection, green and energy-saving demands have also put forward higher requirements for power ICs
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HOLTEK Launches New BA45F5660 RF Smoke Detector MCU
Holtek has launched a new Flash MCU BA45F5660 for smoke detectors that integrates smoke detection AFE, LED constant current driver, temperature sensor and low-power Sub-1GHz RF transceiver. It is suitable for applications that require RF networking smoke detection products, such as collaborative alarm smoke detectors and RF communication smoke detection alarms.
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HOLTEK Introduces BC66F2133 Sub-1GHz RF Transmitter MCU
Holtek's new Sub-1GHz OOK/FSK RF transmitter A/D Flash MCU BC66F2133 is suitable for the license-free ISM frequency band below 1GHz, provides OOK/FSK modulation options, and the RF characteristics comply with ETSI/FCC specifications.
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Development of a battery-specific charging regulator IC/battery voltage monitoring IC that supports CV (constant voltage) charging
Large-capacity and high-ripple current products have been added to the lead type conductive polymer solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors [PSG series]. In the product lineup of φ8mm and φ10mm, products with heights of 16mm and 20mm have been newly expanded. In the product lineup of lead type conductive polymer solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors [PSG series], we have newly expanded large-capacity
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AOS released the latest P-MOS transistor for USB PD load switch
High ripple chemical of KMT series. Guaranteed for 3,000 hours at 105°C (superimposed ripple current). Rated voltage range: 400~450V, electrostatic capacity range: 240~820μF
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