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Optical wafer inspection looks for defects that could cause problems for the final product
Becoming a semiconductor producer is a tricky process right now. In previously low-cost industrial areas, wages and energy prices have risen, while capital expenditures have climbed. At the same time, competition is heating up, with a slew of new businesses entering the market in recent years. Industry players are understandably anxious about these changes, they have been pursuing
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What is the pattern of the global chip industry chain?
We must grasp the typical characteristics of the global chip industry chain. To sum it up in one sentence, the essence of the global chip industry chain is a huge inverted pyramid. The sharpest bottom layer of this inverted pyramid is EDA, which is an electronic automation design tool.
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The research and development of lithography machine is imminent, and the new regulations are released again, and TSMC may not have expected it
Although Huawei will design chips, in the final analysis, the biggest source of Huawei's problems lies in chip manufacturing. In the current industry, chip manufacturing mainly relies on two companies
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The first 4nm chip, MediaTek breaks through the high-end market
Recently, MediaTek officially released the Dimensity 9000 processor at the 2021 Executive Summit. This is the world's first mobile phone chip using TSMC's latest 4nm process technology
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The expansion activities were carried out around the theme of "team integration, tempering will". It aims to exercise the will of each partner through the process of outdoor activities
In order to improve the teamwork ability among employees, relieve work pressure, stimulate employees' passion for work and life, increase the feelings between colleagues, and strengthen team cohesion, the company specially launched a one-day outdoor development activity, which was also well received. The staff responded enthusiastically,
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