Quality Control

We specialize in supplying various components. With abundant spare parts inventory
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Packaging/Shipping Standards

JINRONGDA TECHNOLOGY commits to customers with over 90 days quality guarantee period, during which customers with doubts of the Delsheng Elctronics ' goods quality shall comply with our RMA process in order for us to provide you with timely solutions.

Electronic components are sensitive items with high demands for storage/packaging/delivering environments. Delsheng Electronics strictly comply with the original preservation environmental standards for materials of all levels; from electrostatic protection, humidity control to constant temperature control, we meet all the original requirements for the correspondent goods to ensure the arrivals of "Zero Defect" goods to our customers.

Anti-static packaging/label
Humidity degree control

  • Constant temperature control
  • Files for each customer with ination of packaging demands and labeling
  • Files for each customer with ination of transportation demands to find the fastest, safest and most economical way of transportation
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