Motorola uses radio, broadband and the Internet, and provides embedded chip systems, as well as end-to-end total network communication solutions to enhance the control and connection of individuals, work groups, vehicles and homes.Motorola has three business groups, namely Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Broadband and Mobile Networks, and Mobile Terminals.

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Part Number
Manufacturer Package Quantity
MC9SDG128ECPV Motorola -
MC9SDG128ECPVR2 Motorola -
XC511301VFU8R2 Motorola -
XC912DA128CPV8R2 Motorola -
XC511363CPV8 Motorola -
MC68HC916P3CFU16 Motorola -
XC431622VFU8 Motorola -
XC431622CFU8R2 Motorola -
MC16Z1CPV20B1 Motorola -
MC16Z1CFC25B1 Motorola -
MC68HC16Z1MPV16 Motorola -
MC9S12H128VPV Motorola -
MC912 Motorola -
1910/BABJC Motorola -
1N4745CRL Motorola -
1N966B Motorola DO-35 (DO-204AH)
NE556D Motorola 14-SO
XCB56362PV120 Motorola -
MC9SDG256CCPVR2 Motorola -
MC68EC000EI12 Motorola 68-PLCC (24.21x24.21)
MCLK332ACPV16B1 Motorola -
MCF5206CAB25A Motorola 160-QFP (28x28)
MC68LC040RC40A Motorola 179-PGA (47.24x47.24)
MPC17AT85VMEL Motorola -
MC74HC85FR1 Motorola -
MC1488ML1 Motorola -
MC54H08L Motorola -
MC78M05CDT-001 Motorola -
MCM6665AL20 Motorola -
MC74AC138DT Motorola -
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