Intel is a global leader in the semiconductor industry and computing innovation, founded in 1968. Today, Intel is transforming into a data-centric company. Together with its partners, Intel promotes the innovation and application breakthroughs of transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, and intelligent edge [32], and drives the intelligent interconnected world.

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Part Number
Manufacturer Package Quantity
UBLXT16713A Intel -
MD27C010-30 Intel -
TN80C152JB Intel -
SB80L186EB13 Intel 80-SQFP
AN8096JC Intel -
MG8097BH Intel -
SB80C196NU Intel -
N8397BH Intel -
AP8395BH Intel -
AS83C196EA Intel -
AN8798JC Intel -
AN87C196JT Intel 52-PLCC (19x19)
AN87C196JR Intel -
AN87C196JQ Intel -
VA87C196KD20 Intel -
MQ8797BH Intel -
TE28F160B3BA110S Intel -
TN87C196KJ Intel -
PEF20542F Intel -
FAGD1652148BA Intel -
FAGD16557AECLBA Intel -
FAGD16556AECLBA Intel -
FAGD16556ECLBA Intel -
FAGD16557100BA Intel -
FW21154AE Intel 304-PBGA (31x31)
FW21555BB Intel 304-PBGA (31x31)
FW21555AB Intel -
TE28F800F3B95 Intel -
MR27C64-25 Intel -
MD27C64-20 Intel -
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