Nexperia, officially independent in 2017, is a global leader in the production and sales of discrete devices, logic devices and MOSFETs. On March 6, 2018, Nexperia announced that its new discrete device packaging and testing plant in Dongguan, Guangdong was officially put into production. Nexperia Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd. is the preferred manufacturer and supplier of world-class standard products; focusing on the logic, discrete device and MOSFET markets, with more than 60 years of semiconductor expertise, focusing on efficiency, and consistently producing reliable products. High-capacity semiconductor element

-- Hot Products --

Part Number
Manufacturer Package Quantity
BC846B215-NEX Nexperia -
NX7002BKW,115 Nexperia -
PMDXB550UNE,147-NEX Nexperia -
PMZ950UPE,315 Nexperia -
PDTB143ET235 Nexperia -
PMDXB600UNEL,147 Nexperia -
PMZ370UNE,315 Nexperia -
PMV280ENEA,215 Nexperia -
PMT280ENEA,115 Nexperia -
PSMN1R4-40YLD,115-NEX Nexperia LFPAK56, Power-SO8
RB520CS30L315 Nexperia -
PMEG10010ELR,115 Nexperia -
PMEG10010ELR115 Nexperia -
74AHC1G4210GW-Q10H Nexperia 5-TSSOP
PSMN5R0-100ES127 Nexperia -
74AHC1G4214GW,125 Nexperia -
74AHC1G4212GW-Q10H Nexperia 5-TSSOP
74AHC1G4214GW-Q10H Nexperia 5-TSSOP
74AHC1G4215GWH Nexperia 5-TSSOP
BCP56T,115 Nexperia -
BCP56-16T,115 Nexperia -
PMV65ENEA,215 Nexperia -
PMV65XPEA,215 Nexperia -
PMV28UNEA,215 Nexperia -
PBSS4220PANS Nexperia -
PMCXB900UELZ Nexperia DFN1010B-6
PMDXB600UNELZ Nexperia DFN1010B-6
PMDXB950UPELZ Nexperia DFN1010B-6
ES2DR115 Nexperia -
ES3DP115 Nexperia -
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